Last of a Breed

by Animal Midnight

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released July 17, 2014

All songs written and performed by Regan Clancy.

Drums on Acting Tough and additional love on Tuned Down: Jon Anderson



all rights reserved


Animal Midnight Helena, montana

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Track Name: Tuned Down
Fell down the well like a little kid
Got caught in the blast radius again,
Walked out like you'd never get a taste of it
Slow down you walk right through me

I was only waiting for you to call my name in the dark rooms hiding
I could barely learn to love you even when you showed me how

Now you're shaking in the cold
Now you know
You never had control

Face down I know I'm a better man
Oh how I'm learning how to live with it
I'm found though I know I'll be lost again
Worn hands will lift me gently

I was only waiting for you to call my name on the crowded dance floor
Show me how and I will love you even when you let me down

I can count these numbered days
Wait in silence, listen for the ghost trains
We could fall asleep in patience
holding hands and listen as the others run

You're shaking in the cold
Now you know
You never had control
Track Name: In the Kitchen
There's a cup, on the counter, leaking soda from the soaked through cardboard

And it's dripping on the floor, absorbed into my sock but i never find another pair

And your face, is smiling brightly, right below the list on my refrigerator
humming softly like the bad news, coming from the TV in the next room

Was there a ghost of someone living here before me, maybe a little bit taller, maybe a little less anxious

Cause in my dreams I look like someone you know, recognized from far away in dim light

It only happens after midnight

Stand up, like you won't fall
Like choices are only illusions
Like the shadows on the wall

Now my feet are leaving sticky trails down the hallway, leading to a staring match with myself

Reflections always linger just a little bit longer than I can bear to hold my gaze, at least I think they do

The radio is telling me things that I already know, the waiting is the hardest part, baby we were born to run

What are we running from
Is it the moon or the sun

Stand up, like you won't fall
Like choices are only illusions
Like the shadows on the wall
When your back's against the wall

Oh the dishes in the sink oh they never get washed, cause I've got another stack and other chores to be forgot

But I never forgot about you

You're my writing on the wall
You're my winter and fall
Track Name: Acting Tough
You walk alone, down your streets of gold
I could always tell what you were on
Always tell who did you wrong

Sell me songs, I can sing along
I could always read between your lines
See the wonder in your signs

Feel my love, when I'm acting tough
I could only tell you where we were
Never tell you where it hurts

I could be the sun, setting over white mountain tops
Steal the light from darkened homes
Steal the heat from shaking bones

Love me when you can
Track Name: Genius
When you're a genius they'll ask you about your name
They don't want nothing but they're just too scared to say

They never knew they could trust somebody with the answers to it all
They never knew they could love somebody as dumb as...

The saw you coming, it's always there
I saw you coming on and on

When you're a genius they'll ask you about your shoes
They don't got nothing and they got nothing to lose

He saw me coming, it's always there
They saw you coming on your way

From miles away

All they have is dirt and dust
And all their love it turns to rust
All you want is just as close
As the one you know you love the most
Track Name: Bandwagon
Slow down you move so fast
You've got to wait for the moment to pass
And then we'll jump on the bandwagon
As it starts to move on
And we'll be the last to be cool

Don't try to say what you mean
Because it makes sense when you're
Keeping it clean of all the nonsense
That you think you believe
And in the past tense
I thought we could be something cool

But sooner or later you're fooled
In to thinking that lies can be true
Now there's nothing to hold on to
And you bring the whole ship down too

Poison always works its way in
When your guards down
Then it comes for the kids

It's like a bad song that gets stuck in your head
And before too long
You miss it like you miss a friend
Who lets you down in the end
Track Name: Last of a Breed
Last of a breed found in ocean waters
Dark as the deep where no light would dare
A colder kind of Hell reserved for those who wander
Holding your breath, chalk it up to new adventures

I feel what you feel
I feel it all
Over, under
All around

God bless, God damn
Gods love, all around

Slowest of speeds as the light grows stronger
Calls from the deep lost on absent fathers
Weightless and free to find the broadest shoulders
The colder the love the warmer the need to wander

I feel what you feel
We feel it all
Over, under
All around

I see what you see
We see it all
Over, under
All around

All I know falls from me
Never home where I need